Examples of running Mechismo on previously published datasets

We run many datasets through Mechismo for your perusual. Below is the current list. If you have suggestions please contact us.

Be warned that some of these datasets are very large and might not be visible on laptops, tablets or computers using slower internet connections. If you don't think these limits apply to you and wish to view/use the data, please contact us.

Please note that newly added datasets might still be running.

Study Publication nGenes nSites Mechismo link Input data Comments
Interaction pertubations in human genetic disorders Sahni et al, Cell, 2015 1129 2927 high med low Sahni_et_al_Cell_2015_Table_S1A.txt Diseases are labelled
PTMs in Mycoplasma van Noort et al, MSB, 2012 241 883* high med low all vanNoort_et_al_MSB_2012.txt
Mutations in Medulloblastoma Jones, Jaeger et al, Nature, 2012 619 704 high med low Jones_Jaeger_et_al_Nature_2012.txt
Mutations in Pancreatic cancer Biankin et al, Nature 2012 1712 2850 high med low Biankin_et_al_Nature_2012.txt
All non-SNP mutations in UniProt UniProt DB 2116 24960 high med low uniprot_disease_mods.txt Diseases are labelled
dbSNP mutations in UniProt UniProt DB 2116 24960 high med low uniprot_dbSNP.txt
Phosphorylation in E.coli Macek et al, Mol Cell Proteomics, 2008 79 141* high med low all Macek_et_al_MCP_2008.txt

* ambiguous MS identifications in one peptide were duplicated